We at EKKI

  • Sustainability is the foundation on which our EKKI has been built. Good begets good has been EKKI’s corporate ideology.
  • Our saga started in 1981; a few members of the Arumugam family, themselves agriculturists, made a humble start that virtually boosted the green revolution in India. The pumps that they had manufactured for irrigating the crops ushered in an era that eased the toil of the common farmer in the field. Our company has evolved during these decades by absorbing modernisation and by constantly reinventing itself.
  • Today our Pumps help draw and transport water; thereby promote the well being of people involved in Agriculture, Building Services, Public Utilities & Industries globally.
  • In this noble attempt, our goals transcend financial profit.  By providing employment to thousands of individuals, we play a responsible role in the country’s economy and poverty eradication.  We also help our communities where we operate.
  • This inclusiveness and the sustainability have been the cornerstones of our company, which has been creating milestones since its inception in 1981.
  • EKKI’s action areas for a sustainable future includes the following core ideas.

Our employees-our assets

Our products and processes

Our community to be cared for

Our environment to be cherished

EKKI -family business with professionalism