2006-Foray into education

Mr P. Arumugam contributes generously - land, resources and his personal time above all - to establish “Info Institute of Engineering” at Kovilpalayam in Coimbatore.

2007-Additional Responsibility

Mr P.Arumugam was left with the herculean task of keeping the company afloat against troubled waters. With the passing away of the fondly called “engineer”, another transition was at the threshold of the Deccan group.

2008-Tough times, tougher founder.

The ensuing years tested the endurance of Mr P.Arumugam. He grieved the loss of his beloved uncle. But Mr P Arumugam was determined to carry on and the company continued with its tradition of innovations and achievements. Production and profit were on the ascent consistently.

2010-Homage to the departed founder

Mr.P.Arumugam builds a public community hall in the memory of the departed founder.