EKKI, is the quintessence of a 35-year old enterprise, which started in 1981. EKKI today comprises Deccan Pumps Private Limited and EKKI pumps; it is one among India’s Advanced Pumping Technologies manufacturing companies. EKKI serves the agricultural, residential, commercial, and public utilities markets by shouldering transportation of water in an efficient and sustainable way.

(1981-1995) Genesis

1981- The seed

Mr. P. Arumugam and his uncle a electrical engineer and their friend Sri. M.S. Sundaram together ventured to manufacture pumps to cater agriculturists at large.

1982- The sprout

The company started functioning from a small rented workshop at Eran Thotttam, Ganapathy at the then outskirts of the north of Coimbatore. Agricultural pumps under the brand name “Deccan” were the first pumps to be manufactured and marketed.